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Fluctuart Banks of Seine, Paris


Fluctuart, the first floating art center

For the launch of its artistic program, Fluctuart hosts the exhibition "Time Capsule", by the artist Swoon. Major artist of the street art movement, she has carte blanche to invest the various spaces of the floating building, and thus give free rein to her imagination and her creation. A monumental projection on the banks of the Seine, imagined by THE JAM PROJECT under the artistic direction of Swoon, accompanies this launch every night of the summer.

An immersion into street art

During these exceptional evenings, passers-by roam on the left banks of the Seine, immersed in the heart of Swoon’s work, projected in a monumental size thanks to our jamion. The scenography plays with the elements. Urban furniture and nature come together, they adorn themselves with colors and dance under the light, at the heart of the artist's works.