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The Stargate Palace of Festivals - Cannes

Palace of festivals - Cannes

An immersion in an evening of the festival

Magic and emotions are at the rendezvous of this mapping to make the spectators live the different stages of a festival evening. From the red carpet to the screenings, from the awards ceremony to the return to the beaches of Cannes, the architecture of the Palais des Festivals becomes a door to a surreal journey leading from the iconic steps to different cinematographic horizons.

An exceptional mapping with a retro, minimalist and illustrative creative bias

To welcome the public, red stairs are formed, gold and white sequins float, photographers' flashes crackle, doors open, stars appear. The spectators settle down. Make way for the cinema. There is something magical in the air.

A unique and original way to prolong the spirit of the Festival

As a tribute to cinematographic techniques, the paintings play with illusion, mise en abîme, frame within a frame, camera movements. It's time for the awards ceremony. The spectator is back in the room. The doors of the cinema open on the emblematic beaches of Cannes.