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The Jamion Paris

The promise of the jamion

Patented and imagined and developed by ATHEM AND THE JAM PROJECT, this device is unique in Europe. The Jamion is the result of 35 years of experience in scenography and creation, of listening carefully to our customers and of more than 500 scenographies realized. It considerably limits the constraints inherent in projection mapping

The advantages of Jamion

A very low carbon footprint - 70% environmental impact - Operational with 1 person - Removable cell - 4K video projectors - Optimal projection quality - Simplified administrative authorizations - More varied creations - Involvement of your audience - Unbeatable price

Projection mapping is a wonderful medium

Projection mapping is distinguished by both its strength and its magic. It is an innovative medium that allows the creation of sensory and collective experiences in unexpected places. Every year, millions of people follow the great one-off or permanent shows that animate and enhance places, tell stories and celebrate events. The economic benefits generated by these light projections are considerable, making them a profitable investment for both public sector actors and brands.

With the jamion, THE JAM PROJECT and ATHEM reinvent projection mapping

Thanks to our projection device, the technical cost of projection mapping has been divided by three. This allows sponsors who do not necessarily have a large budget to have access to this medium. Whatever the scale, the challenge remains the same: to work on a tailor-made basis and with a high level of quality.

Yes we jam !

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