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Capsule "Maria by Callas, The Experience" La Villette, Paris

Tom Volf

Discover or rediscover the famous singer Maria Callas

As part of Tom Volf's multifaceted Maria by Callas project, Maria by Callas, the experience is an exceptional encounter with the greatest voice of the century. Conceived entirely from archives and in collaboration with the Maria Callas Endowment Fund, the Maria by Callas experience plunges visitors into the diva's world.

See Maria Callas up close...

Supervised by Tom Volf, author, director, curator of the eponymous exhibition and a recognized expert on the opera singer, this immersive scenography with giant projections allows us to rediscover her greatest arias, to intensely feel the emotion that her voice filters through, and discover her face and expressions unveiled for the first time.

But who is Maria Callas?

The stage excerpts and the private super8 films reveal in turn the artist and the woman. From never-before-seen images to the personal letters narrated by French actress Fanny Ardant, this experience creates a real intimacy and transports the visitor to the singer's heart.

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