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Parallax Fluctuart

Lek & Sowat

New exhibition, new projection

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, Fluctuart reveals its new exhibition "Veni, Vedi Vinci, urban art in front of the genius" including a monumental projection entitled "Parallax". A bespoke projected artwork by french artists LEK & SOWAT co-created with THE JAM PROJECT.

"PARALLAX" a monumental projection

20 international artists from the urban art scene, , including artists LEK & SOWAT, pay tribute to Leonardo da Vinci. LEK & SOWAT played along by interpreting the themes of Vinci's genius through a bespoke and exclusive artwork using the technique of video mapping.

Alliance of Art and Technology

LEK & SOWAT take a step aside and invite passers-by to immersive themselves into the work of Leonardo da Vinci, engineer. Under the spotlight, the reference to fluid mechanics comes to life, painting becomes technology. The different paintings, whose dynamic equation and movement create energy, model the banks of the Seine.


LEK & SOWAT share a common taste for Urbex - or urban exploration - that explores the city in search of modern ruins. Their installations push the boundaries of traditional graffiti by bringing together architectural abstractions, ephemeral installations and videos.