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Capsule "Dancing in the rain" La Villette, Paris

Plantu & Reza

The unique meeting of the pencil and the camera

For an exceptional evening, JAM CAPSULE, installed at La Villette, welcomed Plantu, cartoonist and Reza, photographer, for the projection of a short original capsule, created in collaboration with the two artists: Dancing in the rain!

A meaningful collaboration

Plantu and Reza have both witnessed the events of the last decades, sometimes through the viewfinder of the camera, sometimes through the lead of the pencil. Without respite, they have cast a humanist eye, calling for peace and dialogue. As time goes by, the cycle of life and of human societies makes the joys and the torments of the times meet. Then, unique works emerge, mixing painting, photography, drawing and words.

A short capsule that reveals a great message

Under the artistic direction of Plantu and Reza, THE JAM PROJECT for JAM CAPSULE features works by the two artists never before seen by the public in a short 7-minute capsule.

A new visual language

The scenography of this capsule accompanies the spectator step by step in his reading of the current topics treated by the two artists. From the covid 19 epidemic under Plantu's pencil to the unique diptychs worked jointly by Plantu and Reza on ecology and climate emergency as well as on social and societal issues (such as women's cause, youth or the world crisis), Plantu and Reza in collaboration with THE JAM PROJECT offer to the public a singular work which mixes arts and commitments in a new visual language.

Musical accompaniment

These projections were accompanied by a live performance by cellist Gautier Capuçon and pianist Samuel Parent. These two great names of the French classical scene accompanied Plantu who illustrated the cover of the album "Symphony for Life", a charitable action born from a collective of artists in solidarity with the nursing staff.