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Capsule "Mystical Gardens" La Villette, Paris

Tom Volf

A stroll into the masterpieces of the Flemish painters.

A creation of artist Tom Volf in collaboration with the JAM PROJECT to offer an immersive experience in a world between imagination and reality. A journey through time and space inside the greatest masterpieces of the Flemish masters. The Edenic landscapes of Van Eyck's The Mystic Lamb, the magical world of Bosch's Garden of Delights, the flames of Van der Weyden's Last Judgment, huge polyptychs deconstructed to be reconstructed in a new way.

An unprecedented collection of archives

In close collaboration with the greatest international museums, more than thirty works were presented here in an unprecedented quality and in very high definition, allowing the public to discover details never seen before.

For a moment, the paintings come to life

Thanks to the JAM PROJECT’s original approach of motion design, Mystical Gardens plunges visitors into the heart of the images and into the heart of the action. Fantastic characters and hyper-realistic settings came to life combined with a 360° spatialized sound immersion.

A breathtaking show

The paintings and music put together form a story in itself and create a unique piece of work, directed by Tom Volf, giving birth to a great and breathtaking show.

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