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The Illuminated Nature Experience Château de Grand-Bigard - Brussels


A light and sound tour on the theme of the Four Seasons

The enhancement of heritage is an essential concept for Atelier JAM. Whether in an urban or natural environment, we make it a point of honour to highlight the beauty of what has already been built by others. Whether they are human or divine... It is with this conviction that we have imagined and conceived in co-creation with Atelier ATHEM: the "Nature Illuminated" experience in Brussels. More than an immersive experience, "Nature Illuminated" is conceived as a return to the roots. An interactive dialogue with nature, in the domain of the Grand-Bigard castle in Brussels, a Flemish renaissance castle of vast proportions, a place full of history. Faced with this exceptional natural heritage, we wish to show the 1001 hidden lives of the trees and plants present on the site according to the seasonal life cycles.

Autumn - nest of colours

As you walk along the surrounding river, you will discover a most colourful landscape, characteristic of this flamboyant season: orange, mauve and pink blend in a vibrant harmony.

Winter - Boreal Labyrinth

In Winter, the tree is half asleep, it enters a long somnolence in which it lets itself sink... Even though the tree is dormant, an inner activity continues at a slower pace. At the heart of a fairy-tale environment, it never stops glittering, swarming, and vibrating subtly to attract the most curious.

Spring - HatchingThe tree is reborn.

Everything buds, everything blossoms. It is a dazzling awakening. The tree grows, spreads, dominates the green landscape. The colours of the landscape intensify with the flowers that bloom and invade the fruit trees. In the apple orchard, we experience a poetic and magical moment as the flowers bloom. Insects of all kinds are buzzing about, foraging and twirling in a melodious tumult.

Summer - Apple of Love

The tree is in a state of exaltation, of total blossoming. Beyond being in full growth, it gives life, the fruit. In this season, the heat stimulates all forms of life, the light is intense: life is in full swing!